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Bigbasket job vacancy near me | Chennai Jobs & Coimbatore Jobs – Join Now

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Excellent Opportunities for Pickers and packers Department in Chennai at Big Basket company

How to find a job ?

Nowadays, majority’s candidate have no ideas about how to find a job ?
Now we are clearly explain how to find a job. So you should follow the explanation.

  1. Please check the Company name while you should checkout the company details.
  2. If you know already worked employee in there. You must just clarify the your doubts.
  3. What are the benefits provided by company for employee.
  4. Checkout , Here they hiring the candidate in which role.
  5. Checkout the PF and ESI similarly how much take home salary.
    The above points are mainly useful for how to find a job.

In addition to exploring job listings, networking with professionals in your industry can also enhance your job search. Attend job fairs, join online forums, and leverage social media platforms to expand your network and discover hidden job opportunities.

We mentioned the company details and job information below. Once you gather the all information after joining this company with your wish.

Today our job openings are from one of the leading Service based company job openings. It’s a great job for you.
This is service based company.
Most of candidate search chennai job vacancy for freshers. Such candidate can use this job opportunity.

Bigbasket job vacancy near me | Chennai Jobs & Coimbatore Jobs – Join Now

Company name: Big Basket company

Mentioned Some information about this company below. Read all information after will apply.

This is manufacture based  company. Here they manufacture car Yamaha Bike Spare parts.

About the company information:

The company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction extends to its employees, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. With job openings available for both experienced professionals and freshers, Big Basket Company presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking employment in the manufacturing sector.

The Big Basket company is one of the leading service based company in India.
This company has multiple branches all over India.
But now opening available in Chennai and Coimbatore location in Tamilnadan.
This is service based   company.
In this company they are provided the our company service  to customer.
It’s a large scale industry in India.
This is industry working as very friendly for customer side as well as employee side also.
Now they are announced experience and Freshers job vacancy.
Mention all job details below.

Job role: Pickers and Packers , Loaders

The job roles available cater to candidates with varying levels of experience and expertise, providing a pathway for career growth and advancement within the company. As a picker, packer, or loader, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and success of the company’s operations.

The job roles mentioned below.

in this company hiring candidates for the Pickers & Packers , loaders role.
This is free job, so you don’t pay any amount to others. So, you should get a job through Vigentino website.

Qualifications: 8th , 10th , 12th , ITI , Diploma , Any Degree

The company’s presence in multiple cities provides flexibility for candidates seeking employment, allowing them to choose locations that best suit their preferences and circumstances. Whether you’re seeking a job close to home or looking to explore opportunities in a new city, Big Basket Company offers a range of options for prospective employees.

Candidates should complete the minimum qualifications of above qualifications only.
Degree qualified candidates also eligible for this job openings.
Job post arrangement depends upon your qualifications.

Basically, in service based  company all kinds of qualifications of candidate needed. Similarly, now this company hiring the above qualified candidates.

Place: Chennai & Coimbatore

Chennai & Coimbatore
It has multiple branches all over India.
This is service based company.
Local and outstation candidates can get a job opening.

Gender: Male only

While the current hiring preference is for male candidates, Big Basket Company remains committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in its workforce. As an equal opportunity employer, the company values the contributions of all employees and encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply for available job positions.

Male only
These companies now hiring only male candidates.
All interested candidates have applied for this job opening quickly.
This job opening very useful hence kindly share this information with your friends and social media.

Age limit: 18 – above years old

The age limit requirement reflects the company’s commitment to compliance with legal regulations and standards governing employment practices. By establishing clear age criteria, Big Basket Company aims to create a safe and supportive work environment for all employees, regardless of their age or background.

18 – above years old
For this company, they are considering the candidate’s age limit.
Hence the candidate age limit should have 18 years above
The below 18 years candidates strictly avoid.
18 – above years candidate only get a job.

Married status:

By providing equal opportunities for both married and unmarried candidates, Big Basket Company promotes a culture of inclusivity and respect within its workforce. Employees are valued for their skills, qualifications, and dedication, regardless of their marital status or personal circumstances.

Both married and unmarried
For this company unmarried candidates are eligible.

why do you want this job:

Basically, all company give the multiple benefits for company employee.
While why do you want this job? Because here multiple good benefit available for company employee. Such benefit mentioned below.

Food available

OT available

Incentives available

Company will provide the experience certificate.
PF and ESI facilities provide properly by the company.

Yearly once all employee monthly salary will be increased by company.
The above facilities are the company will provide for all employees.

Working at Big Basket Company offers more than just a paycheck; it provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as a supportive work environment where employees are valued and recognized for their contributions. From on-the-job training to career advancement opportunities, there are countless reasons why you should consider joining the Big Basket Company team.

Basically, in manufacturer company lot of facility and benefit available for our company employee but in this company the above Benefit are available.

Monthly salary: ₹13, 500 –  ₹15,000

In addition to monthly salaries, employees may also be eligible for bonuses, incentives, and other financial rewards based on their performance and achievements. With a transparent salary structure and regular performance reviews, Big Basket Company provides employees with the opportunity to earn a stable income and achieve their financial goals.

For this company, the employee monthly salary was mentioned below properly.
Per month salary: ₹13,500 – ₹15,000
Employee exact salary is fixed in employee interviews.
Yearly once all employee salary increases.


Ensuring that all required documents are submitted accurately and on time is essential for a smooth application process. Candidates should double-check the document requirements and prepare them in advance to avoid any delays or complications during the hiring process. By providing complete and accurate documentation, candidates can demonstrate their readiness and suitability for the job.

  1. All education certificates (xerox)
  2. ID proof
  3. Bank passbook
  4. Passport size photo.
  5. TC
    Candidate should bring all mentioned document when you will visit this company job opening.
    The above document must have all candidates when you visit the company.

Interview date: Direct Joining

Direct Joining

Direct joining offers numerous benefits for both the company and the candidates, allowing for a seamless transition into the workplace and minimizing the time and resources spent on recruitment. By simplifying the hiring process, Big Basket Company can attract top talent and fill job vacancies promptly, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Once you visit the company then company HR take basic interview only. 
This is service company. Direct joining only.
Hence interested candidate should join quickly.
As well as share this information with your friends and social media.

how to get a job:

In addition to traditional application methods, candidates can also leverage social media platforms and professional networks to explore job opportunities and connect with potential employers. By staying proactive and persistent in their job search efforts, candidates can increase their chances of finding the right job and advancing their careers.

Everyone have the main doubt how to get a job ?.
Our website clearly explains how to get a job.

Here we mentioned the HR Contact Number / mail id of company.
Interested candidates can apply for this job opening quickly. Because only limited job openings are currently available.
For these job openings, all candidates can attend the direct walk-in interview only.
We mention the interview location.
We will mention the company HR mobile number/ mail address also.

Company HR Mobile contact Number available in below line.

Effective communication with the HR department is essential for a successful job application process, as it allows candidates to clarify any doubts or concerns they may have and ensure that their applications are processed smoothly. By maintaining open lines of communication with HR, candidates can stay informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process, increasing their chances of securing employment at Big Basket Company.

HR mobile contact: 👇👇👇

HR mobile Number: 88619 99809

Mail ID : null

If The HR can’t attend your Phone calls, then you can apply by directly through WhatsApp.
Attention all, before apply this job you should send your update resume to such WhatsApp number.


Dear all, this is direct company requirement.
This is service company. so maybe it will be close shortly. Hence join immediately.
You can get a permanent job opening role for this company that’s depend upon your performance. Thats depends upon the your performance.
There are free job opening so you don’t pay any amount to others.

By demonstrating commitment, dedication, and a strong work ethic, employees can position themselves for long-term success and advancement at Big Basket Company. With a supportive work environment and a focus on employee development, the company empowers individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their career goals.

Kindly share this information with your social media because this information was very useful to one job seeker candidate.
Keep watch our website. Get your dream job throught our website.
Thank you all

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